Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking back

Well Im looking back on this post of 2011

 Walk, lots anywhere, anytime and with my old staffy. - yes i definitely did that and many beach trips

2. Complete my DSLR Photography Course - not quite but i have done one course so far YAY !!

3. Make more time for being silly - yes i have danced around silly alot

4. Eat less sugar ! - hmmm difficult one to answer yes and no depends on the day /week

5. Bushwalk more often and maybe climb Mount Coolum -NO NO NO WAHHHHH

6. Take our caravan away more often - well we did that one too

SO HERE WE ARE ALREADY INTO APRIL 2012, I wonder whether Mummy Ma Designs will be revitalised again.  I have a new job for an O&G ynae and am loving working with 2 girls at school now. 

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